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Avalanche (AVAX) Decentralized Exchange Altcoin Launches With Support For Pangolin (PNG)

Avalanche (AXAX) Decentralized Exchange Altcoin Skyockets After Coinbase Listing Announcement

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US-based crypto exchange giant Coinbase is adding the first ever Avalanche (AVAX)-based token on its roster of altcoins. The largest digital assets exchange in the US announces that it will support trading for Pangolin (PNG) starting October 6th once liquidity conditions are met.

The token is the asset of the Pangolin decentralized exchange (DEX), which runs on the Avalanche network. The platform allows users to swap, stake, farm and bridge crypto assets from different blockchains.

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Coinbase will add support for Pangolin (PNG) on the Avalanche network. Pangolin (PNG) is the first Avalanche ARC-20 token to be offered on our exchange.

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