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1/ BTC - Is there a chance of a RELIEF RALLY after this 2-month bearish pattern?

The BEARS should put pressure for the next few days if BITCOIN were to REVERSE here.

No rush to get into a long SWING position.

2/ BITCOIN 5 Waves Down Complete?

3/ Could SPX give an hand with potential Expanding Diagonal playing out.

I also see 5 distinct waves with a nice BULLISH reaction.

4/ Of course there could be further downside but not for today because I'm OFF the charts until Sunday evening before the weekly close :)

You can also check this case that

I covered a few days ago

Wave C went to 50% not 61.8% (It does happen sometimes)

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5/ I will see you on Monday

Have a nice weekend.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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