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CME Bitcoin Range Still Looks Great

Today was an eventful day and hope nobody lost their shorts (ayy) BTC range still looks great, another failed breakdown, although this one is different as it was much more aggressive and trapped many sellers who bet on continuation I added to my longs as I think next stop is 21k

ETH looks even better, taking the September lows before bouncing.

People keep talking about CPI missing the expectation, but why does it matter what the expectation was?

The CPI print was LOWER than the previous one. Inflation IS slowing down.

The world still looks bad, but this is a piece of data that matters alot going forward

I think this has the potential to squeeze, hard. That's what I'm betting on.

You want to keep drooling at your doom porn? Go ahead

Equities look great after today imo, too.

When I woke up and saw altcoins down so much (almost all being down 10%) I got the gut feeling we are preparing for something.. I still have it

Might be wrong, but I'm betting on it.


Not calling any bottoms, just playing this range like I said before

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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