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Altcoin Swing: Hanging Out Of The Robin RS5

17 to Audi RS5 BTC Trading Challenge : Trade 16 (A little different than what I usually do. Altcoin swing trade!) 🧵

Had to spend some time away from the charts to work on other projects so I decided to go for a swing trade (intermediate term).

@karim_moustaine recently posted a video on WOO and pointed that there was good money to be made on that coin. Watch it here :

WOO Network: The Next Big Crypto?WOO Network: The Next Big Crypto?

Obvioulsy, all markets move the exact same way, they all follow the same rules. Altcoins are no different.

Here is a look on the [Daily] :

When I swing trade I usually take position on the 2 hour chart. This is what my entry looked like.

As you can see, the delivery was quite quick (for a swing trade).

We are finally above 100 again. Understand that growing 17 to any substantial amount of money is hard and will take time.

Appreciate the process and learn from it. If you feel like my posts can help more people, feel free to retweet.

Previous Acount Balance : 85.71 Current Account Balance : 162.47

(Yea I took a small loss beforehand it's all part of the game)

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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