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Bitcoin Price: The Beginning of the Blockchain Evolution

1/5 Dear @CryptoMichNL do not make the same mistake as @Planb who did not consider the most obvious thing in his chart: the higher the price of BTC the more adoption had to increase, which did not happen and therefore his graphic prophecy was invalidated ,>

2/5 now You follow charts, moving averages, resistances and supports, real economies example: recession, inflation (which is not, we are in a very different "stagflation" .... and worse ....) etc. But the ecosystem is simply made up of supply and demand and REAL digital >

3/5 evolutions are synonymous with adoption and therefore perpetual demand .... (real economy not related in spite of a misleading narrative) BTC created the beginning of that evolution " blockchain "and that is why the market follows its trend (still briefly) ....>

4/5but the future will not be BTC will simply be used (as a trend .... to consistently capitalize the WEB3 Altcoins. However BTC until the WEB3 evolution is set will not go down any more. For the reasons I mentioned below several times ....>

5/5It remains undoubted that without the implementation of PhatContract (@PhalaNetwork in all smartcontracts there will never be a real WEB3 with truly decentralized cloud-computing but a monopolized cloud-computing as now regardless of the blockchain !!!

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