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Bitcoin vs. $ETH – The Future Of Cryptocurrency & Ethereum

BTC vs ETH from 2015 to present

What can we expect from the future? 👇🧵

1\ As we all know very well, Bitcoin & Ethereum are the giants of the crypto world.

It’s certain that this industry probably wouldn’t exist as it is today if it weren’t for these infrastructures.

Which one will have a bigger impact in the next 10 years?

2\ Over the past 7 years, Bitcoin has shifted from a utility standpoint.

While it can still be used as a digital currency for payments, transfers, and so on, its structure makes it fit perfectly in the digital gold narrative.

3\ What makes Bitcoin fit there?

🔸Its limited supply of 21 million 🔸Extremely secure network 🔸Slow transactions 🔸No public leader 🔸Still using POW

4\ On the other hand, Ethereum was launched with a different purpose in mind.

To be more than a digital currency and to create an open, decentralized platform for applications.

This attracts users and creates a positive loop that has ether at its core.

6\ These differences created two separate niches.

Store of value vs ecosystem of dapps.

From 2015 until this day the market cap ratio between the two favored Ethereum.

7\ Market dominance

ETH dominance: 3.9% in 2017 to 18% now.

BTC dominance: 90% in 2017 to 41.8% now.

We can easily assume that in the next years we’ll get closer to Ethereum flipping Bitcoin by market cap.

8\ Ether / Bitcoin ratio

9\ BTC vs ETH market dominance

10\ With Ethereum established as the first layer one infrastructure, we believe that its growth in the next 5-10 years will be exponential.

The transition to POS and the implementation of sharding in the future will only attract more quality dapps which lead to more users.

11\ In the end, what’s important for all of us is that we’ll continue having two massive infrastructures that will serve as the main foundations for crypto & web3.

The future is bright.

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