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Bitcoin Price Continues 74% Down From Hottest High in 2021

Bitcoin is the asset of the modern era.

Currently we are 74% down from the last all-time high in 2021. In the following thread 🧵we would like to discuss how the investment cycles of BTC look like and how they can be an advantage when investing.

Are there investment cycles in bitcoin? Yes, we definitely think so💯 The cycles can be seen in the price, among other things, but also in technical indicators.

Here are shown different indicators (RSI, Money-flow index, Chaikin Oscillator) over the last 10 years of Bitcoin. You can clearly see (usually with a timeframe > 1 week) that there are large cycles.

And indeed, these indicators are also an expression of the bull and bear market as well as the cyclic price pattern of bitcoin.

One way to name these cycles is the word ´supercycle´. This is meant to illustrate the counterplay of bull and bear in the bigger period🌈🌈🌈

The question that investors ask themselves is how high can the Bitcoin rise? And more recently, do we have seen the bottom already 🧐

How high can the price go from current level?

We assume that a new investment cycle has started. Based on the last increases, one can extrapolate a possible new highs. Bitcoin volality correlates with its own market capitalization💸💸💸

The other question is how low can the Bitcoin price go. Has the bottom currently been reached? Indeed, we saw a consecutive lower decline after all-time high between cycles. The larger the market cap, the smaller the drop☔️

How can we now determine bottom and high?

The general rule is: BUY - HODL - SELL. Repeat🔁

Moving averages for the macro movements of Bitcoin are fantastic tools to find a good trading entry.

In addition to classic indicators, Bitcoin also has on-chain data based on network activity and its protocol. We have designed an OCB indicator based on a large regression analysis, which can also indicate oversold and over valued ranges😍😍😍

The length of the cycles may vary, but is in a certain range.

This chart is merely descriptive, but depicts the repetitive nature of Bitcoin sentiment phases very well

In addition, the current cycle is very similar to that of 2019 and the price movements seem to be repeating themselves.


It almost looks like we are seeing a double bottom. Again🥑🥑🥑

Comparison of 2019 with today.

"This time is different" - and yet, market psychology turns out to be true in ANY chart - over and over again💯💯💯

This factor cannot be neglected. The only question is whether macroeconomics is causal, or market psychology for the development of the price.

Thank you for your attention. Big shout out to my colleagues who do so much good work on Twitter:










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