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Can Crypto be the Future?

We all know BTC and ETH are the future. Blockchain and cryptocurrency. There is no other asset that will give more return coming 10 years.

Let's say you have a 100-500 bln fund. You buy 20% ETH and BTC, whales dump it to outplay you, but you buy the dip even if they would dump it to 1-3k for BTC. So, now you own 80-90% crypto, you have a

hard year holding it, but you know it's the future and future will

happen no matter what. So price eventually rises and you hold most of the supply and now those who were playing against you, have to buy from you...

Only saying, maybe some group of investors from Asia would be ready to have a capital to buy most of the crypto...

They would have opponents but ultimately, if they would be ready to survive the tough time, everybody will be buying from them.

Just make a capital group in Asia willing to throw 500 bln into crypto.

Asia was always best in business, marketing success.

Because I was thinking if you buy all the crypto who will pump it? No one, other whales will dump it, but if you know and believe that crypto is the future, you know that eventually price will skyrocket. Just like gold and oil back in the day.

All you need is 500 bln fund.

You buy (it could be a group of 10-100k ppl throwing 5-20mln into the fund) and that's it. Hope Asians will do that.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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