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Bolivian Markets: Market Love

I’m expecting something like this to happen soon. Either this or we drop straight to 10k bottom levels btc

Every bear market turn around has been confirmed by :

- a break of RSI (small pump) - capitulation (this is when everyone gets wrecked thinking bottom is in).

Most will quit when that happens, start saying Crypto is a scam, and when the bull market starts again, they will 😢

Market loves to play games, everyone is calling 10k bottom now, but hear me out.

In this scenario, just as it has happened in the past, it is the ultimate Bull Trap.

All longs waiting for 10k will FOMO on that bounce.

All late shorts at 16k-17k will get liquidated.

And once we truly bottom out, all retail players will have gotten fucked by the Markets, and will miss out on the bottom of the Markets.

Once again, buying at the top 😂

Thank you for hearing me out.

PS: You might want to say I’m wrong, and I might well be. But let’s be honest, this happens every time , so why would this time be any different 🤔

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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