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How to Start Accepting #Bitcoin in 3 Easy Steps

Sat down with cafe lounge owner, 56 yo from Eastern Europe, and asked him about how he operates using Bitcoin.

"I have exchange wallet." "Is that so you can exchange for dollars quicker?" "Yes."

So here's how your business can start accepting BTC in 3 easy steps.

Step 1. Create an exchange account.

The cafe owner uses Coinbase because it makes his accounting and tax preparation easier for him and his business. KYC sucks, we know it, but for a small shop owner, these tools helps him accept more business.

Step 2. Download a BTC wallet.

To help make transactions smoother, vendors could download @Breez_Tech or @MuunWallet to the PoS iPad and use as a catch all. Then, periodically throughout the day, send funds to their exchange account to exchange for fiat when needed.

Step 3. Accept Bitcoin.

Ring up the customer, show the QR code to scan, and done.

Now your business can start accepting Bitcoin.

It's a simple actionable strategy that an actual small business is using for their day to day commerce. Any small business can adopt this strategy.

This doesn't have to be hard.

Keep it simple.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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