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Daily Altcoin Price Update: 10 Cryptos Showing Signs of Recovery

Daily NFT/Crypto Market Update - 10/17/2022 | A Thread 🧵🧵🧵


Following yesterday's trends, we continued to see a small rise for crypto with the market being up over 1%. BTC has reached over 19.5k and is trying to hit 20k while ETH is over 1.3k.

1/ NFTs also had a great day with some notable projects seeing good attention. The market looks like it is returning a little bit thanks to the green in crypto, so ride this wave and make some profit.

2/ Degen/free mint of the day: TEDDIES

@Teddies_app is a 10k collection that got a good amount of attention today. With over 5100 sales on secondary, this has pulled its floor up to around 0.02 ETH, giving good profit to minters.

3/ @Teddies_app is a collection of bears with the goal of expanding creativity and fostering passion and imagination. This is a noble cause, so I am interested to see what they do with the project in the future.


@wenlamp took the market by storm today and made waves. With over 5600 sales on the day, this 6666 supply project sits at a lofty price of 0.09 ETH. Mothz is a collection of pixel art eggs that have yet to be revealed. There is still

5/ a lot of mystery around this, but its been driving hype. Mothz @wenlamp

had over 1k listeners to their AMA and have kept up volume. This is something you should watch as it could move tomorrow too.


@AzukiOfficial made a big announcement today with their upcoming Physical Backed Token (PBT). This ties a physical item to a digital token on the ETH blockchain. This is a pretty cool idea that brings the idea of "scan-to-own" to combine

7/ physical and digital transfers together. This caused some volume to the @AzukiOfficial and Beanz collections as notably Beanz has risen over 1 ETH now. Stay tuned for more on this from Azuki.


Splat by @devotionxyz is a 1k collection that made a HUGE moon after mint. Seeing close to 1500 sales, this peaked at 0.6 ETH and has now settled around the 0.4 ETH range. Splat is a utility NFT that lets you splat on

9/ a chosen NFT, putting tomato sauce on it. This is the first project by @devotionxyz which is by notable names like @andr3w @sighduck and @backseats_eth This is something fun that I would can an eye on.


With crypto up a bit today and lots of great things going on in the NFT space, we have entered a little period of fun and profit for the market. While obviously things are still bearish in the macro sense, take this opportunity to

11/ stack some ETH in your wallet and get in on all these plays. Ride the wave until the next bearish hit strikes the market. Thanks for reading and have a great day Kings. Follow if you enjoyed! 💵👑

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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