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Bitcoin Cash Price Holds Above $19500 While Bitcoin Stable at $13500

GA! BTC is still in a range between 18k-20500 in the last two weeks. It has further narrowed to 18k-19k in the last one week. We have to see BTC breaking out of 19500 and then 20200 for it to continue its rally. Until then 18200 & 20200 will act as the S/R respectively!

ETH has made 1280-1340 as a base for now. It is totally fine as long as it stays above 1220. It’s turning deflationary which is great but there is a stiff competition due to many blockchains so only sharding can be the next big thing for ETH. For now resistance is at 1380

altcoin segment is looking good for now as BTC is stable & ETH staying above its support zone. Many small cap coins are making some nice moves which is common in 🐻 markets. I feel we can see further rally in altcoins until the end of Oct! My altcoin strategy remains the same

Summary: We are some bounce back on S&P500 & many other stock markets across the world. The tech stocks on NASDAQ are doing very good which is correlated with BTC so it’s expected to do well until the end of the month. We will have FOMC meet on Nov 2nd which will decide the mood

Technically speaking BTC should close above 20400 on a weekly candle for a big rally to start but for now it looks unlikely. If it happens then we can see a rally towards 25k before December. crypto cryptotrading BTC

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