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Crawling Out Of The Lows

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So BTC crawled out of a downtrending resistance since the all time high. Draw it out and you will see.

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I say crawled out instead of broke out as for now, it’s moving flat. Normally an important breakout has atleast 2 very important factors.

1) a fight to get above the resistance 2) a retest and pump of of the resistance

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In this case, so far, neither has happened as BTC remains sideways hence “crawling out” from under the resistance.

This resistance line given it’s importance (since ATH ) also doesn’t have many meetings with BTC. Actually just 4


Moral of the story is you may hear that the bear market is now over bcs of this but unless we see a spring effect very very soon for BTC where it springs off from the retest of that line into a green dildo, this descending resistance line doesn’t mean much.

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The end of the bearmarket won’t be this obvious. It never is. Keeping eyes on this makes sense but not an overreaction

Trade safe

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This post is based on this twitter thread.


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