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#BTC Price Update: The Week of Feb. 15 - 19

BTC has rebounded, and the price has returned to the middle of the upper and lower rails of the trend channel. On the whole, it is still in the bottom-grinding stage

In terms of structure, the current range fluctuates, there is no structure in each cycle, and the daily level now seems to be difficult to have a new structure in the short term

The probability advantage of long and short is not large, and the certainty is not good. In terms of operation strategy, the price moves up slightly, only about 2 points away from the upper rail of the channel, keeping an eye on the offense and defense of the upper rail

Even if there is a false breakout next, the correct way is to follow the trading rules, and buy after breaking through the upper rail of the trend channel

Every time you go to this node to be operated, it is a test of your mentality and belief. Because the previous transactions according to the rules all ended in wear and tear, and it is likely to end in wear and tear in the future

In this way, it is very easy to get lucky: I will not move this time Once it is not operated according to the rules, there may be two situations: one is that it really breaks through and then it is completely unstoppable; the other is that it is really worn out again

For the former, if the mentality is not good, the operation will be very passive, and from then on, it will return to the old way of emotional trading. The latter will form a path dependency, so that sooner or later, the former will be encountered sometime in the future

Well, to catch the bull market 100%, you have to implement the trading rules 100%

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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