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What Crypto Should I Hold?

Everyone in cryptocurrency market is chasing BTC OG's, let's face it.

Everyone wants that low cap gem that gives them 1,000,000% ROI.

Sorry you missed that boat so let's take another approach.

How much of a token should you hold?

And what type?

My opinion follows,


Anyone in crypto would dream of having some incredible BTC bag of 21,000 tokens.

Well, in a non inflationary supply that is 0.1% of the max supply of BTC.

Current days, over 400M worth.

Lower your expectations,

0.01% 2,100 BTC, 40M 0.001% 210 BTC, 4M

Note, it took 14 years to get there.

Time in market Vs, timing the market shows its worth here with not needing to worry about inflationary mechanics.

So my point here is that you should base your bags off how much of the network you can hold, there's incredible


Aim to hold 0.1% of any network and you have a considerable bag.

Aim to hold 0.01% of any network and you still have quite an adequate size.

This goes with research and fundamentals and accumulation in a bear market.

Btc Eth Xrp Qnt Link Albt Cheq

A biased example of mine is Qnt, a non inflationary supply with approximate equal circulation as BTC.

You can not get better than that.

Apply the 0.1%, 0.01% to Qnt. (195)

0.1% - 14,630 tokens. 2.8M 0.01% - 1,463 tokens. 280K 0.001% - 146 tokens. 28K

Respective cost of these bags with large fundamentals was at for a long time. 1.00 ~ 4.00 with 7-14 spikes.

You can see the opportunity of a simple understanding of how much you hold of a supply can apply to anything you view to have value.

Now enter Cheq. The fundamentals are plentiful. Dyor.

A 1,000,000,000 supply. (0.06 - approx 160M circulation, 10M MC)

0.1% - 1,000,000 tokens. 60K 0.01% - 100,000 tokens. 6K 0.001% - 10,000 tokens. 600

Note the opportunity of such low prices, it is theft!

The above calculations are similar, aside from circulation above for ALBT.

Which also was hoovering around 0.03-0.06 for some time.

You are not accumulating yet?

Go quick. fomo

Btc Eth Xrp Albt Cheq Qnt

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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