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S& DIGEST: Market Bull Case for 9 Months-1 Year

Midterm elections, S&P500 and BTC The bull case for the next 9 months-1 year: 👇

1)US stocks are entering a historically bullish three-quarter stretch.S&P 500 returns during Q4 of the midterm year—and each of the subsequent two quarters—have been positive 87% of the time (2018 election not included in the analysis)

3)I love the end of the article:

4) S&P500 index price return one year after midterm election:@CapitalGroup

Can midterm elections move markets? 5 charts to watch

5) Gridlock in Washington: BULLISH @kevinolearytv from 3.30:

"The ENTIRE Crypto Industry Is Changing After This..." - Kevin O'Leary

6)Sentiment is horrible and retail traders are betting that the market will crash

Jason Goepfert on TwitterJason Goepfert on Twitter

7)So if 2023 is bullish for SP&500, could give as the BTC left translated cycle:@BobLoukas @BitcoinLive1

8)That also matches,from another perspective, with @CredibleCrypto

analysis (expecting wave 5 )

CrediBULL Crypto on TwitterCrediBULL Crypto on Twitter

9) One of my favourite buy signals:

Charles Edwards on TwitterCharles Edwards on Twitter

10) I also like this one:

Miles 🇸🇦 on TwitterMiles 🇸🇦 on Twitter

11) The big move is coming: Nov 2 FED Meeting Nov 8 Mid term elections Nov 10 CPI report

Alex Krüger 🇦🇷 on TwitterAlex Krüger 🇦🇷 on Twitter

12) 2013 and 2017 -----> blow off tops. 2014 and 2018 ------>85% bear markets with final capitulation. In 2021 majority was waiting for final leg up BUT THAT TIME WAS DIFFERENT. No blow off top but Distribution. Now majority is waiting for the capitulation @AltcoinDailyio

13) But this time is different? Accumulation and then only up?@fisherinvest

Fisher Investments on TwitterFisher Investments on Twitter
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