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Bitcoin and Macro Analysts Expect $BTC at the Actual Refute Before the Lows

1) Let's be upfront about BTC.

Either the low IVO 17.5K was the local low and we are having a complex consolidation RN before the next bull market

OR (and more likely IMO)

The low is yet to happen and a good box is between 9k - 16k, w/ 12k - 14k being more ideal ...

2) w/ 13k being the confluence target.

These are the basic BTC outlooks moving into the next year and bull run.

Most "realistic" cryptocurrency and macro analysts are expecting the true local low to happen in Q4 2022.

The next bull run, however, with easily take us over ...

3) 100k. This will complete one of several long-term milestones for BTC.

This milestone will likely happen before mid 2024 IMO according to Power Law Bounded Regression Analysis.

Previous EWT Wave 3 Targets bounded the peak between 76.5k - 192.2k // 2.236 - 2.618 LFE ...

4) (68,997.75 ÷3,880.59)^(1.236)×9,000=315.6k

(68,997.75 ÷3,880.59)^(1.618)×9,000=947.6k

Obviously these are past 200k,but this is based off the current Wave 1 and 2* and not the previously completed degree.

Regardless, there is an easy argument for BTC ...

5) hitting 1M in the near future. I expect it before 2028. This is also in line with the fact that BTC roughly doubles in fair-value annually.

So, even though markets are abysmal currently the future is bright. Thought I'd share this little thread incase anyone was wondering.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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