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S& Bitcoin and S&amp Top $BTC in Bear Market

Called the S&P top only once and got within 20 and a few days.

The exact same thing is happening now but reverse.

BTC is not reacting yet and further chop ahead but the day everyone realises we are in a bear market rally BTC going to awaken.

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I was expecting a crash at this time but now realise that the inflationary bear market that we are in will not play out like this and will be a slow process which will be extremely difficult to trade due to the amount of bear market rallys that will take bears out.

If you look at the last BMR's each of them had similar sentiment and it's not until the purple box that people would panic sell their shorts. I tend to think this is what we are about to witness yet again.

BTC's move will be violent and catch everyone short offside.

The strange thing about bear market rally's is they make no sense until you are in the ending stage of one.

This is why it's so difficult to counter trade your bias as you have far more reasons that the market should go lower but finally everyone reaches the same consensus..

Also worth noting I don't discount the idea of further chop in S&P and BTC visiting this box.

Markets could sell off today and then Elon pulls another scam at Tesla earnings after US close and markets gap up again.

Got to have very wide stops in this market environment.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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