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Should Buy ‘Altcoins’ With 100x Potential?

If you are watching BTC like a hawk, you know the market is bound for a big move. But does it matter? If you want to make it huge gains in the next bull run, now is the time to buy Altcoins with 100x potential.

For the first pick, check out WOM, from the guys @WombatExchange who are aiming to bring back the success of the CRV to the Binance Smart Chain.

They seem to have kickstarted the WomWars with the right foot, and there is already a handful of projects, such as @magpiexyz_io @quoll and @WombexFinance that are pumping the demand for WOM as of right now.

As of right now, demand for WOM is high, coming from investors who are also aiming to benefit from an airdrop of WMX organised by @WombexFinance.

Here's a link for that:

Wombex FinanceWombex Finance

In the short term, the demand for WOM will also bring excellent trading opportunities to related markets such as MGP, QUO, and WMX. In the long-term, these tokens have the potential to bring 10-100x returns.

Also note that @WombatExchange received strategic investment from Binance Labs, and as such, the listing of WOM on Binance is mostly a matter of time.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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