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Bitcoin and the 'Shock Period'

Bitcoin BTC Since the last time it fell below the lower track of the trend channel, the price has always moved back and forth around the lower track, the trend is stable, and the trend channel still moves down slightly

In terms of BTC structure, there is currently no structure in each cycle. In terms of operation strategy, the same as yesterday was used

Bitcoin's current market is a narrow range within the range, and there is not much change. Even if there are occasionally a few small waves, it will not be too shocking Be patient and wait

Buffett said: If you don't want to own a stock for ten years, don't hold it for a minute. My take on trend trading is: If you can't accept ten or twenty wears, don't trust it in the first place

Many people will be very uncomfortable during the shock period. Almost 100% of the false believers in trend trading will gradually wither at this stage, and the more they go, the more inaccessible they are

I feel very good, this sentence is not false Any trading system must have its difficulties, otherwise it must be uncompetitive. If everyone in the market can easily make a lot of money using it, then it will be a short-lived sooner or later, even if it works

"Shock period" is to raise the competition barrier of this system and help us eliminate those unsettled competitors. In the end, only a small number of people can successfully reach the other side

In a trading market, only a small group of people can always make money. From this point of view, the existence of the "shock period" is also reasonable.

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