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Eurozone See ATH Inflation – Eurozone At ATH IN FALL

Market News:10/19

💰 BTC Updates 💶 Eurozone = ATH Inflation 🚀 Dollar Going Parabolic? 🚘 TSLA Earnings today after hours

(Reporting via @WilliamSuberg)

BTC was down with US equities during the Oct. 19 NYO as markets awaited more tech earnings.

TSLA earnings are today at 5:30 pm ET so only time will tell how Bitcoin will react.

Eurozone sees fresh all-time high inflation

📈10.9% in Sept, 2022 ⬆️Up from 10.1% in August 🗓️1 year before the rate was 3.6%.

Analysts see a potential DXY parabolic break 🚀 What do you think?

Full story with reporting via @WilliamSuberg

Uh oh.

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