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Bibox Exchange: Fee Fees And Fairness

Useful Features Of @Bibox365 Exchange

1 Fee Trading fees on the Bibox trading exchange can be paid with discounts for buyers of the company's own Bibox Token.

This gives traders a reason to purchase and keep the Bibox Token.

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A tiny 0.1% trading charge must be paid on each trade by traders who do not own the token.

A tiny 0.1% trading charge must be paid on each trade by traders who do not own the token.

Cryptocurrency deposits are free, but withdrawals from the exchange are subject to a fee of...

1% of the amount withdrawn, with a minimum withdrawal of 15.

Although the amount of the discount you get when paying these fees with the Bibox Token isn't specified, we do know reductions are given.

2 Bibox Security & Fairness The Bibox exchange uses the best security measures available to safeguard the money, accounts, and personal information of its customers. These security measures include the use of SSL encryption, two-factor authentication through SMS and email, ...

and Google's Two-Factor Authenticator.

Additionally, according to the exchange, the majority of user cash are kept offline in cold storage wallets. Therefore, the vast majority of user funds ought to be secure in the event of a hack.

3 Bibox Support Email or a support ticket system are two ways to get in touch with the Bibox support staff.

Users of Bibox claim that the exchange's customer assistance is great and that its staff respond quickly and courteously

This makes sense because the Bibox crew is quite capable and accommodating to numerous support requests themselves. The website's FAQ page, which is quite popsparse yet has some answers, is another option for support.

Check them out at

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