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btc flip flop: 19.2k mh/s / 18.8k nh/sec.

btc flip here and these 2 next target

Basically this but needs o flip 19.2k

I have a small long position . Will cut on a clean break below the recent low . Target as mentioned 19.5 and 19.7k next .

Low ev+ long here it is.

So low size for me as the hand is not that strong so low size bet . The highest ev+ long will be breakout above 19.7k . Till then 19.2k will act as magnet and standard deviations will be 18.8k and 19.7k for it and traders will flip flop here .

You want such type of imbalance above pdvah . then the play becomes slightly ev+

Currently it's kind of small blind . Let's see the flop if it can give a good hand and then I will raise and will wait for "turn"

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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