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Bitcoin Trading Update: Sticking to Asia Range

Been a little busy the last days so here is a smol thread on my trades from yesterday and this morning including some thoughts about them.

BTC -1 USDCHF + 1.64 EUR -1 GBPUSD +1.36 ES +3.04


Got stopped out on my long over night, saw the setup quite some times on my feed, seemed like the crowed trade in hindsight. Fell into the retail trap tbh.

Think my bias is still right and we go a lil higher tho.

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Tight range and volotile weird in LOKZ made me a bit cautious about my stop and I found a bit difficult where to enter, as I usually enter this setup at m5 FVGs. So the Break of structure it was.



Simply thought to comlicated. Price broke down but bounced hard at Asia high, that should have been telling enough, still tried the short. Good one for the journal tho, as it kinda fitted my criteria, but not fully.



Terrible trade, with terrible R:R, ngl. Should have cut after the equal highs formed and simply got lucky my SL was wide enough.

Consider this a lucky +1.36

ES this was a nice one, planned it yesterday.

Idea was longing after a break of structure above the daily block targeting the range highs or short the break down back to the range lows. Ended up closing it manually to wrap up the day.



- Sticking to Asia Range and general range plays in FX until Crypto makes more fun again - Wider Stops on less cleaner days can give you an edge when bias is right - JFC crypto is fucking ded innit? Even FX is more volotile lmao

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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