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A List of Influential Pieces of CryptoArt That Were Paid homage To $BTC

We are all aware, Bitcoin has led to a major financial revolution and the journey continues.

Here's a list of influential pieces of cryptoart that pay homage to BTC. Let's move through each 👇🧵

1/n Rare Pepe Nakamoto Card @EmblemVaultBot

This is one of the earliest tradeable digitalassets. It grew from the influence of this specific card, becoming

the earliest blockchain tool that made it possible to buy, sell and trade digital artwork

Emblem Vault Bot 🐸 🧙‍♂️ on TwitterEmblem Vault Bot 🐸 🧙‍♂️ on Twitter

2/n Rare Scrilla’s ‘Bitcoin Whale’

@ScrillaVenturas BitcoinWhale sat untouched for nearly two years before its creator accepted a bid in September 2020. “Bitcoin Whale” has continued to live on as one of the most notable early BTC-focused NFTs.

SCRILLA.xcp on TwitterSCRILLA.xcp on Twitter

3/n Trevor Jones’ ‘The Bitcoin Angel’

Having raked in 3.2 million in sales,

@trevorjonesart static piece achieved the title of the most expensive open edition, making headlines as the NFT bull run began.

Trevor Jones 🎨 on TwitterTrevor Jones 🎨 on Twitter

4/n Josie’s ‘Filter’

Crypto-art OG @josiebellini has turned heads with her unique social commentary-focused pieces. The AR-enabled piece introduced her iconic Bitcoin gas-mask design to the world.

josie on Twitterjosie on Twitter

5/n Satoshinator" from @lushsux x @Crypto888crypto collab drop.

Lushsux is one of Australia’s most prolific street artists. With his THE 8 collection, Lushsux introduced this Terminator-themed take on suspected BTC founder SatoshiNakamoto.

MakersPlace on TwitterMakersPlace on Twitter

We hope you loved the picks. Do you have any more to add to this? Tag the artist along with their art.

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