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How To ‘Powered ByPythom’ – A Platform Powered By Pyth

Congratulations to @TsunamiFinance_ on their mainnet launch on @AptosLabs 🎉

Tsunami Finance is a margin trading and spot exchange: take a dive and get exposure to BTC, ETH, and more!

Learn how Tsunami is making waves and will soon be PoweredByPyth 🔮



is built for trading with:

0️⃣ 0% slippage 🚪 Known exit liquidity 💸 Low funding fees 📏 Low spread 💰 Accruing collateral 💧 Profitable liquidity provision


How will Tsunami do this?

On Tsunami, a market and its tradable assets (say BTC and USDC) are held equally in a basket of assets like traditional AMMs

But Tsunami’s pricing will not dependent on a price curve, but rather an oracle price and the pool’s liquidity 🔮


As a user initiates a trade, Tsunami will fetch the Pyth asset price

The program will then determines the deltas of the weights of the two assets being traded

If the weights move away from the targeted weight (50/50), Tsunami incorporates the delta as slippage


In order to incentivize the health of the basket, Tsunami will implement penalties and discounts

The maximum penalty fee and rebate are up to 30 bps


Bringing the reserves back to the initial pool composition allows for a fee rebate (and vice versa), which “helps” the basket


We look forward to further empowering Tsunami Finance and the next pioneers of financial innovation, on any chain including Aptos!


To get started, check out our:

Docs 👉

Best Practices 👉

Aptos Developers 👉

Pyth Cross-Chain Price Accounts 👉

Using Price FeedsUsing Price Feeds
Pyth on AptosPyth on Aptos
Price Feed IDs | Pyth NetworkPrice Feed IDs | Pyth Network


If you have any questions or requests, come let us know in our Discord

We are here to empower you and build the future of finance together 🫂

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