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Bitcoin To Close The FOMC Meeting At November Fears

Bitcoin. 1H. CVD and OI. BInance CVD and aggregated USDT contracts breaks down support.

OI is ridiculous HIGH and Volatility is expected soon.

BTC ETH StockMarkets ES

(2/*) Bitcoin. Open interest Heat map. It seems next week we will have some movement.

Monthly candle and close to the 2-3 november FOMC meeting.

(3/*) Mixed Bitcoin vs SP500. 1W. BTC is so compressed at this tiny range. Asset must break up through 5.30 to consider a bullish move.

It seems we are close to a resolution cause the FOMC meeting at november.

BTC ETH StockMarkets ES

(4/*) Bitcoin. KF liquidations and Binance L/S ratio. Traders are adding more Longs and reducing shorts since yesterday analysis.

BTC ETH StockMarkets ES

(5/*) Bitcoin. Open interest OKEX ATH.

What do you think it will happen with BTC after this OI ATH?

-Bullish? -Bearish?

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