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GoodDollar Nigeria (:D , :D) 3 minutes reading from Bitcoin

Goodbye Haircut, Hello G$ Haircut!

Updates of the Gooddollar Haircut Campaign hosted by @EwuosoOlusesi and funded by @gooddollarorg

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In a bid to create a circular economy with Gooddollar, we at Gooddollar are trying to make G the currency everybody craves. We want G to be a means of exchange, a means of buying and selling where both parties will accept and give G as a means of payment.

What we plan to achieve is to make G widely accepted and used as a means of payment. Creating a market where the service provider will be willing to collect G as a means of payment and the service needer will own G to pay for the services he or she wants.

People interested are to create an account with Gooddollar and start claiming then the get a free haircut and if they remain active and claim continuosly, they get another free haircut. The incentive is for creating publicity and showing people how G can be used.

100 people are to benefit from the incentive and it is presently taking place at Ogun State Nigeria(Abeokuta).

Hopefully in future this will be done on a larger scale depending on the success of this experiment. Like Tomer will say "Lets go make some mistake together"

Checkout Other Pictures and Videos here.

Don't forget to claim your free crypto daily. You can also get started at

if you are new.

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Gooddollar Haircut Campaign

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