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BilaltonAhmed: 101 Levels Of Resistance

btc if I HAD to I'd say 101 run it under there to get the range stops from the 120 region cleaned. Then, rise to

the 184 level, and then back to this current range.

How to trade this level of 101? Do you just set a bid? No. Watch the stoch and see if u get a bull div. Then enter.

@Bilal10Ahmed Try not to blind set bids in a tight range. Or blind set in general. What I do is wait for that 101 level, then see for some candlestick that had a nice wick eg a hammer, or a Doji Then I need the stoch on 5min to at least show a div More divs on HTF the better... Cont..

@Bilal10Ahmed Then say we get a rejection of 101 with a green candle up to 108, I'll then place an order at 111 a lil bit above that candle. If it turns around, order is not hit. If it continues, no FOMO the order is flowed in

@Bilal10Ahmed Never ever make decisions on unclosed candles

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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