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GDP Data: China's GDP Growth May Be Due to Q3 2015

1. A quick look at China's GDP πŸ‘€

βœ… GDP Data βœ… Transparency βœ… Real Data βœ… How it will effect the cryptomarket

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2. GDP Data πŸ‘€

China: GDP Growth Rate (Q3) China: Industrial Production (SEP) China: Retail Sales (SEP) China: Fixed Asset Investment (YTD) (SEP) China: Unemployment Rate (SEP)

This week’s decision is to indefinitely delay the release of the data!

3. Transparency πŸ‘€

In 2012, China release 80,000 data sets. Skip to 2016 and more than half of all the data published by the national and municipal statistics bureaus had been quietly discontinued.

4. Real Data πŸ‘€

As China shifts from sustained high growth to more modest numbers, we see less data being published. You don't hide evidence of good performance!

Luis Martinez, used night-time light intensity from satellite imagery to show China's real GDP growth.

5. How it will effect the cryptomarket πŸ‘€

A slowdown and negative GDP results (being published), will create "uncertainly" in the markets. This will lead to the cryptomarket going down and cause "panic" to retail investors.

It will create volatility in the crypto markets.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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