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Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Climbs to 35.61 Tns Amid Bearish Markets

What’s happening in Crypto by Biverse 22 Oct 2022 1/8 💰BTC Price: 19,145 🔋Hashrate: 263.24 EH/s 📊Difficulty: 35.61 T Bitcoin BTC cryptocurrecy Crypto airdrop Blockchain climate

💰Bitcoin Bitcoin mining difficulty has reached yet another all-time-high. It now takes 35.61T hashes to mine one Bitcoin. The number gauge increased by 14% since last adjustment around 2 weeks ago. The largest such move since May 2021. 2/8

Cryptocurrency market stayed dull throughout the week. Bitcoin struggling below 20K with relatively little volatility. Sentiments remain predominantly grim in the face of bearish global economic prospects. 3/8

🦍Big Guys Juggernaut Fidelity's digital asset arm plans 100 hires in the coming months. “We've gone through a fairly aggressive hiring spree over the last 12 months and we probably, in excess, doubled the size of our organization”, Chris Tyrer, head of the independent arm. 5/8

🥶Crypto Winter Bitcoin miners Core Scientific (CORZ) and Argo Blockchain (ARBK), among others are receiving woes from Wall Street. Investment bank DA Davison has switched suggestion from Buy to Neutral, owing to the pessimism looming over equity markets. 6/8


The global expansion of Relictum Pro continues with its recent participation in the GITEX GLOBAL exhibition, where famous brands such as Microsoft, AMD, Huawei, Lenovo also showcased their products and development. Its token surges 4X despite bear market. 7/8

🎙️Influencers @saylor I discussed why digital property is superior to physical property with @timevalueofbtc 8/8

Bitcoin As Property: What Perfection Looks Like with Michael Saylor | The Bitcoin LayerBitcoin As Property: What Perfection Looks Like with Michael Saylor | The Bitcoin Layer
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