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(+) Bitcoin Price Update: $BTC Still in Bear Market

BTC Here's an essay about what I think will happen: This was supposed to be a short tweet but fk it bros,

The plan remains the same as last week Hold 17.6k and we are still rangebound close below 19.3k and we are moving down below close above 24.6k and we are looking at 35k

The short term move to 25k after we broke above 21.8k few weeks ago was a correction after the move down from 40k. We are still in bear market.

<A sweep of 17k (or lower) and then back above 19.3 would be bullish. close below n we goblin town>

Funny how price has been so so so so stagnant. lyk fr can dis muv? Still, if anyone wants to trade this, its to wait for a move to the range's maxima or minima and then countertrading the move on those days where it deviates. however, if its a strong move den ur fked. hahahaa

Even the daily chart looks bad. Lyk we moved in an ascending channel then broke below it and ranged below major resistance. this is shid. BTC has one day to save the weekly. Must close above 19.3k or else its goin down hard. That's technically how I see it.


In tedpol's opinion, this should go down. But because its BTC and is sus PA (holding lows while also closing lower and lower and then making a bunch of dojis) I can't say for sure. We are still in a bear market but could pump or dump. lmao u tht i'd gib trade idea? i'm newb.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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