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I’ve Been Bullish and Bullish: Should I Turn Bull?

Guys it won’t be long till btc makes a directional move. My bias is down but

I want to talk about not holding on to a bias.

If things turn bullish I’ll turn bullish. Just like earlier in the year when was bullish but saw things that made me bearish. A good trader will flip ….

His/her bias with a confirmation of facts, this does not mean flip flopping either way as this can get you chopped up. But at the same score you got to put a scenario in you mind that will be a trigger to change bias.

Holding on to a bias when wrong will kill your account.

I guarantee if things turn bullish and the signs are clear then I’ll flip too, when that happens I’m pretty sure some people will comment and say that I was bearish for weeks! They will be angry! But why? I’ll tell you!

they will hold on to their wrong bias and blame myself…..

For feeding there bias! But

without a plan of action in place they won’t be able to change… so what I’m saying is be ready and plan for both scenarios because when the market decides it won’t wait for you and you will be left on the sidelines or even worse in a bad trade!

Adding a plan will take out emotion out of a trade, you want to take a trade like a robot when a certain set of rules are met! Start to think of your plan now, create the rules you would like to see to flip bearish or bullish.

The move will be here soon IMO

Good luck 👊

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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