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Crypto Airdrops: A Thread to Learn About A Airdrop


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In these thread, you will learn so much about crypto Airdrops and how you can leverage on them. You can tag anyone you which to also learn from this thread.

Airdrop are usually part of a crypto currency project which are given as a reward to it's early user or adopter. These cryptocurrency firm issued out their token to anyone or group of

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person who carry out a given tasks such as; publicity, marketing etc.These rewards are given upon completing a given tasks. Now you can see that, a crypto currencies Airdrop is a marketing strategies or methods which are

employed by a Blockchain start up in the cryptocurrency space. And this method involved delivery of tokens to the wallet of current cryptocurrency traders, either for free or in an exchange for little promotional activities.

Types of crypto Currency Airdrop:

(I) Standard Airdrop: Standard Airdrop usually have a particular amount of tokens to distribute with a limit on how many tokens each individual may receive. Therefore, some standard airdrops are time-sensitive.

(II) Bounty Airdrop: this is one of the most popular types of airdrop usually occur when users perform specific tasks. These tasks often entails raising awareness of projects by posting on social media and tagging the crypto

company or by just retweeting a tweet made by the project. In exchange of performing this tasks, users often received point that corresponds to the bounty Airdrop the received.

(III) Holder's Airdrop: Holder's airdrops occur automatically based on who is holding existing tokens and how many tokens they hold.

Because wallets and blockchain information are part of a publicly distributed ledger, all users of blockchain have full transparency into the wallets and distribution of tokens.

(III) Exclusive Airdrop: An exclusive airdrop is an even more centralized way of rewarding those closest to the project and may give airdrops to wallets that may not hold any tokens at all.

(IV) Raffle Airdrop: Some of the types of airdrops above may be combined with a raffle airdrop. Often a project will state the number of airdrops they intend to give and encourage

individuals to earn a raffle ticket and this

ticket may be earned by holding tokens, earning points, or simply expressing interest.

(V) Testnet airdrop: Projects often reward users for testnet feedback and can also be a way to become eligible for future airdrops should the project issue a token. By connecting your wallet and performing specific actions

you’re logging your Ethereum address (‘0x’ or ‘ETH’ address) with the testnet app smart contracts. As blockchains like Ethereum are public, the developers can track which addresses have connected to the app and performed certain actions.

Projects will then “take snapshots” of the smart contracts at certain block heights to get a list of the app’s historical user base. Becoming eligible for airdrops is often as simple as logging your ETH address on the platform.


(I) To create awareness for a project

(II) Also an attempt employed by a project to stand out from the crowd.

(III) It's serve as a marketing strategies for the project to go more viral or public

(IV) Rewards early adopters or people engaged with a project with a stake in the project.

(V) Encourages the use and adoption of a newly issued token

(VI) May distribute tokens across holders in a manner that would not have naturally happened in an open market

Benefits of airdrop: (I) You’ll have the opportunity to be a part of new and exciting projects.

(II) Become a pro airdrop/bounty hunter and work from home. (III) Learn & earn by joining airdrops: remember while you're collecting free

airdrop tokens you will slowly start learning about the crypto Space.

(IV) Crypto Airdrops can increase in value

(V) The coins you get are FREE, you're not buying with your own money except maybe you see potentials with that project and you want to increase your holding.

(VI) Joining Airdrops is your risk-free ticket for entering the crypto world.

(VII) Try before you buy: this gives you an opportunity to give the project a trial before buying into it.

Conclusion: Crypto airdrops are a reliable ways to earn on cryptocurrency for Free. The only catch is not to fall for the scam and not to miss a high-value airdrop.

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