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Explaining the Accelerator: Accelerator Effect?

If btc was real and important and was a threat to gov They'd have crashed it from the ATH and the entire market vicious like.

Oh wait shit.

@Defigang But this particular accelerated bear has me thinking

@Defigang I'm just a baby bull since yday my bro

@Defigang So could an accelerated bear, prior to mainstream ww3 headlines, simply be, a entry mechanism for the lizards to enter in prior to crypto being seen as actually a safe haven? I think this is the psychopath way.

@Defigang We've seen it on qnt already Many coins show good structure RN

@Defigang On many alts

@Defigang Buy precisely what u mean

@Defigang What we need to accelerate the bear we do not have yet. Big players are still comfy in fiat, bonds, etc. But we hearing problems with gov bonds, treasure yields shit... What happens when all the basic investments don't work. That's the world we need and don't have yet.

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