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Simplicity and Vaccums

btc continuation of number police 19184 19245 19320 19402 19514 19803

First number of interest, 514

What other levels or things can we derive? -Top being -0.5 is strong if a higher low forms above - 23 -19514 is both an old poc and a potential r turn s - the 23 level holds most weight for me, always, and it corresponds with the bearish wick -19320 harmonically supported

1.27 level for extension leads to 19072, good bearish target 786 level perfect alignment with bottom of potential fvg area.

The way to use fibs, the way I do it is vaccums. Since we have placed the fibs at crucial points loss of the 1 level the 514 implies price movements to the 23 level.

It's now just a matter of waiting lol

Things are programmed, you just got to believe

402 Had support and now rejected Was also the 23 level It's all connected btc

Could also rang where but anyway, follow the levels

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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