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$btc – Massive Pump!

btc review of last night Wanted lower dere. Was leaving the supply region but found demand at the hva boundary. But what happened? It just went to the 402/406 old poc, which now is a 15m cloud. So no real demand other than shifting it around value regions.

Reason why line didn't work methinks oscillator was at double bottom, needed to allow that to breathe first

@wmark443 Is ahead, is bullish

@wmark443 ETH is way ahead. It has had its 1hr msb, and they also already bid the golden pocket.

@wmark443 ETH conclusion Hold 1335 and we have recipe for massive pump

@wmark443 By fib wizardry, 1354 is the launchpad, if a higher low forms there, or impulse I'll just blind long.

@wmark443 btc one could argue this is still bullish too

@wmark443 Notice the 0.23 level doing gods work. Also notice the non standard anchoring of the fib, I do things this way, deal with it. Logic is if pump already happen, try to align tip with silver pocket - 23/-27 then rest of PA is more honest

@wmark443 But see its more bearish than eth with the 1hr kujin cross also death cross

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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