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Daily Altcoin Price Analysis: $btc, $Th & Stablecoin’s Growth Play

Don’t fight the trend, don’t go against the market.

Flip those shitcoins & claim your airdrops. Rebalance your portfolio.

Dump garbage and increase your longterm convictions. Don’t forget about btc, eth & stables: 3 essentials on every portfolio imo. NFA of course.

Right now the trend is btc is ranging, narratives of airdrops, new VC shitchains, fifa, & mini shitcoin season: some defi, some memes, some random.

Claim your apt sui zksync arbi zero and other airdrops, sell half, keep half for potential run up after launch then dump (99% chance you’ll buy back lower if you like them).

Rebalance your portfolio, after claiming airdrops & flipping shitcoins, accumulate btc, eth, high conviction plays like atom & especially stables. Have ammo to buy major dips, play the long game.

btc: you don’t buy it because it will give you 100x, you buy it because it won’t be a security & it’s less likely to fail than all others, it just works and will likely still be much higher years from now.

eth: growth play, closest to achieving world computer thesis. It’s 1 smart contract L1 which is scaling with L2s. >90% less issuance and sometimes its deflationary. This will play a huge role in bull market as supply shrinks & demand grows.

Stables: tbh at least 20% in your portfolio at all times: don’t risk new low liquidity defi protocols, be patiemt & wait for opportunities to deploy it. Always look for ways to increase your amo. Take profit!

High conviction plays: I use atom but there’s great ones like matic qnt link … just do hard research and see if it’s worth it on R/R basis. They should be much less than btc or eth imo.

Don’t leave crypto. Learn defi, learn narratives, get involved with communities, and play the long game. Opportunities are here right now, not 2 years from now.

Don’t marry coins. You can be involved with ecosystems, & invest your time but not taking profit on major opportunities is foolish. Investing your time and getting involved is probably worth more than your 500 investment.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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