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We’ll Continue to Close Monthly Redesign Red After Moon Solar eclipse

Basically my theory is, we need to consider both TA and other important factors like gematria and astrology, BTC broke out , that break out will not be for nothing, also we left green tops at around 19.6 so that already tells you that we are just retesting the breakout currently

Astrology wise it’s a new moon solar eclipse. Intense volatility, but keep in mind we tend to top out new moons, so if that’s true, and if TA wise we haven’t had our local top, that means from today leading to the 27th when Jupiter goes into Pisces again we top out

Won’t mind if we top out at around 20.5 and then continue down due to Jupiter in Pisces and new moon solar eclipse , weekly chart agrees with this, but if this happens monthly turns green, and now we’ve got a problem on our hands cos idk how I’ll trade that after

Mainly cos I’m not biased bullish for jupiter in Pisces, but let’s worry about that later, for now hoping that this theory holds

Actually on second thought, we still got a few days left after the 27th before the monthly close, so yes, we can still close monthly red

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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