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Breaking News: BTC Price Rising On Tenterhooks

Whales Ratio 3D MA increrasing indicating sell preparation happening. While Gamma walls still indicating a tiny trade range between 19k - 20k with a another resistance at 19.5k. Imo the Put Wall at 19k will not hold much longer.


The economical events also indicating that thursday could be a volatile day (ECB interest rate decision [DXY down] and US GDP [DXY up again?]) and Friday Core PCE Price index as an inflation indicator. Trade the swings and always have in mind, at any time a black swan even can

happen. I'm not saying that just to fill my tweets with words. 🙏😜

BTC reserves on CEX lifting up. Not big, but we had also outflows at the same time. Its really difficult to say how much they are accumulating on CEX. As MM entities reduced their balanalces by 60k since Oct 8th again while I can't see those BTC on CEX I guess they are preparing

something big via OTC. Of course they use at the same time CEX and derivative too. Not looking good at all imo.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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