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How to Detect $BTC Market Volatility Before They Happen

Do you want to see BTC market moves before they happen?

Here's a simple trick.πŸ‘‡

With @cryptoquant you can monitor the mean (similar to the average) amount of BTC flowing into exchanges on a block level.

That means we can get an alert when the BTC mean goes above a certain level.

Monitoring this can be highly profitable for traders and investors.

I have noticed that when the exchange inflow mean spikes above

When multiple exchange inflows with a mean above 15 triggers,

there is a strong possibility of a correction within the next few hours.

You can profit from this trade by

1. First, you can hedge your position with put options. 2. You can open a low-leverage short position.

Caveat: It doesn't always work. If it would, then trading would be too easy.

The exchange inflow mean often triggers after a significant price drop.

You can easily set up an exchange inflow mean alert in @cryptoquant_com

Asset: BTC Exchange Inflow (mean) Resolution: Block Above: 15 BTC

That's it. Now you can chill, go outside and wait for such an alert. Then, let me know if you want me to do the same analysis for ETH.

I highly recommend that you follow these OG analysts in the space:

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