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Digitua Metaverse: A Deep Dive Into Terra Virtua

1/ Mega thread on TVK and @VirtuaMetaverse

After seeing @GreighWard his tweet it was time to do a deep dive in Terra Virtua.

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2/ Some stats to begin with @VirtuaMetaverse TVK:

- Marketcap: 27 million - Marketcap ath: 392 million - Circulating supply: 767.287.930 - Drawdown: -94%

3/ What is @VirtuaMetaverse TVK?

“A truly immersive collectible metaverse across Mobile, AR and VR with unique social, gaming 🎮 and creative experiences, enabled by Blockchain.”

4/ Virtua was formed as a project in 2017, but its utility token🪙 TVK only launched on Dec. 16, 2021. The token will be used for example in Cardano landsale in buying Virtua Island lands, properties, land resources, land bots and more.

Virtua TVK | Welcome to the Metaverse on TwitterVirtua TVK | Welcome to the Metaverse on Twitter

5/ What does TVK?

It’s a gamified metaverse which provides immersive social, web3

gaming, digital collectible and interactive experiences. The Virtua metaverse will begin with the launch of Cardano Island, where community members will be able to interact with one another..

6/store their digital collectibles and personalise their own virtual environments.

Virtua has many ambitions, once Cardano Island is established, Virtua will launch other islands and even planets dedicated to areas such as sports, entertainment & gaming.

7/ Founders / team. High experienced team, with work expierence at big companies. Team = 🔑

TVK @VirtuaMetaverse

8/ It’s always important to know how they make money. Here’s the business model of Terra Virtua.

TVK @VirtuaMetaverse

9/ Partnerships TVK @VirtuaMetaverse

Exclusive brand partnerships including EpicGames, LegendaryEntertainment, ParamountPictures, DynamiteComics, Big, Unreal, Varrow and WilliamsRacing.

10/ Collect. Experience. Create.

TVK @VirtuaMetaverse

12/ Total amount of holders = 10.119

Looking into these holders.

The biggest holder which ownes 30% of all the coins is selling since the beginning. These are the TVK whales.

13/ Upcoming events Q4:

Big events for Q4 are, Crib Event, Monster Zone Land sale, and Condo Claim.

TVK @VirtuaMetaverse

14/ TVK kept building through the bear markets! Has a well experienced team. And they keep on building📈 This could become a big player in the metaverse. Especially with sucha low mc. The risk/reward down here is good. Lets look technical wise 👇

15/ Technical wise it need to break out of the falling wedge and turn resistance into support. When that happend i'm a long-term buyer/holder💸

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TVK @VirtuaMetaverse

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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