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Quick Guide ToUnderstanding &ampting BTCUSD

Evai Academy | Trading Market Sessions

Unlike traditional markets, cryptocurrency markets remain open 24/7.⏳

However, different time zones and market sessions can strongly affect price action.

Here’s a quick guide to understanding & trading market sessions.🧵👇

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1/ Market sessions are the primary trading hours for a given country/time zone. Traders often focus on these three primary market sessions:

-Asia Session: 11PM – 7AM (GMT) 🇯🇵 -London Session: 7AM – 3PM (GMT) 🇬🇧 -New York Session: 12PM – 7PM (GMT) 🇺🇸

2/ According to @CrypNuevo strong patterns appear when mapping these three market sessions on the price action of crypto assets.




These actions can vary, however a common action pattern is:

Asia Holds | London Pumps/Dumps | NY Reverses

3/ The market sessions strategy can be a simple yet affective way of trading price action DURING THE WEEK!⚠️

Crypto does not sleep on weekends, but traditional financial exchanges do... 🛏️💤

4/ During weekends, participation by 'smart money' tends to drop-off, with volatility usually dipping on Saturdays & Sundays. (as seen below)👇

A general phrase to follow in crypto trading is - ‘’Never Trust The Weekends’’

📊 via @GenesisVol

4/ To figure out the ’best’ times to trade or invest in crypto, read this article by @CoinDesk

Is There a 'Best' Time to Trade Crypto? Here’s What the Data SaysIs There a 'Best' Time to Trade Crypto? Here’s What the Data Says

5/ For a more in-depth guide to trading market sessions, check out this detailed thread by @crypnuevo

Be sure to follow him for more trading and educational content.👇

CrypNuevo 🔨 on TwitterCrypNuevo 🔨 on Twitter

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