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Bitcoin Bear Market: $BTC At 40/30?


People will slowly start catching up to the fact that the Bear Market is done, it is over.

Most will start wondering if they should get back in at what,

40K Bitcoin?

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Will probably FOMO in with everything once Bitcoin

breaks All Time High in a few months or half a year from now..

And wonder why they didn't have the BALLS when they had the chance to Buy at 20K for HALF A YEAR.


'But what about Da Recession though'???

Well, here's the thing.

Most credible sources, such as the IMF, are actually in line about the real Recession not being due until 2024..

Given Divergence on the Monthly Stock Markets Candles, it's very plausible for the Economy to experience a strong Relief now, in which Crypto has plenty of time to shoot to ATHs.

In this scenario a LH or Double Top would be created in Q3 2023 or Q1 2024 for the Stock Markets, introducing the actual Recession.

Let's just hope BTC can affirm its position as Gold2.0 when the time comes.

**Correction: Chart was supposed to say LH not HL**

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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