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Under-valued Mining Stocks Are The Best Play Than Bitcoin Yet

🧵 I honestly believe under-valued mining stocks are THE better play than BTC itself...

Of course much higher risk as a businesses can go bankrupt. But the gains on offer are insane as when BTC runs, your exposure to the stock and all BTC mined...

Rather just the amount of Bitcoin you purchased directly, you exposure to a good mining stock represents exposure to thousands of Bitcoin mined, which generates a huge revenue and growth stats, as can be seen here for ARB in 2021

The stats are quite ridiculous but also, we have a track record to go by now.

Look at RIOT 2017 cycle 1500%

This cycle 9000%

The stocks become very quickly massive under valued. Important to note this was the first cycle of some big money interest...

The next cycle/bull whenever it is, is going to be the first cycle where all of the big money is interested in crypto and these companies will represent a far better R/R than BTC itself, that much is obvious!

Riot was a big gainer but so were the others...

all you have to do is google the bitcoin mining companies that have survived both cycles and look at their price history!

ARB came onto the scene just at the right time last cycle, based on the above and my own opinions, this can do a 5000% minimum in the next bull run...

Do some research, ARB is my favourite and it's also the only one I've looked into more deeply tbh

But find the ones that look likely to survive and spray + pray method into the best is likely to work... you do that for altcoins in a bull run... which is higher risk to me

Simply find where the potential value is, the potential survivors and take your punt

Do you believe BTC has value and future value? If the answer is yes then you have to value the miners, where the R/R is a farrr better bet on Bitcoin's success.

Thread End.

Smol disclaimer: This is not financial advice

Sharing my own opinions and research on what I believe is a pretty good bet.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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