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15 Bitcoin Job Openings That Could Move the Crypto Market Today

1. Today's Trading Outlook πŸ”₯

βœ… BTC / Bitcoin Chart βœ… DXY / US Dollar Index Chart βœ… New Home Sales News βœ… Flash PMI Recession Risks βœ… Crypto Money Flow βœ… Altcoins βœ… Conclusion βœ… Cryptocurrency News

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2. BTC chart

βœ”οΈ Price predicted 2 days ago:

Expecting the 21K area to act as a minor resistance and price to go sideways today due to lack of any major news events today! (New Home Sales in a minor news event, not expected to move the crypto markets).

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3. DXY chart

Price hovering around the 110 area. Price may dip below it today due to the New Home Sales news release later. But expecting price to form a bottom around the 110 level ready for tomorrow's GDP q/q.

4. New Home Sales News

Actual: Later today. Forecast: 579K Previous month: 685K

Expecting the news to be bad for the DXY today due to the forecast being lower than the previous month.

This is a minor news so may not effect the cryptoMarkets!

5. How to trade the New Home Sales Data

πŸ“‰ Above forecast good for DXY / US dollar and bad for cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Altcoins

πŸ“ˆ Below forecast bad for DXY / US dollar and good for cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Alts

6. Flash PMI Recession Risks

The Flash PMI results this month have signalled a heightened recession risk for the US and Europe!

Let's take a deep dive into the data.

7. The October flash PMI data showed the global economy at increased risk of recession amid headwinds from the cost-of-living crisis, tightening financial conditions and heightened risk aversion in response to growing economic gloom.

8. The combined picture across the G4 is therefore one of output falling for a third successive month, with the rate of contraction the second steepest seen since the global financial crisis in 2009, barring initial pandemic lockdown months.

9. Flash US PMI Composite Output Index registered 47.3 in October, down from 49.5 in Sep. With the exception of the initial pandemic period, the rate of decrease was the second-fastest on record (behind August) and indicative of GDP falling at an annualised rate approaching 2%.

10. The eurozone economy slipped into a steeper downturn at the start of the fourth quarter, the rate of decline hitting the fastest since April 2013 barring pandemic lockdowns as the flash PMI fell from 48.1 to 47.1. Manufacturing and energy sectors had the biggest loss.

11. In the UK, business activity fell for a third month running in October as heightened political uncertainty and financial market volatility added to the country's economic headwinds of the cost-of-living crisis and Brexit.

12. Japan bucked the trend of falling output observed in the US and Europe, rising from 51.0 in Sep to 51.7 to register the strongest expansion since June. Faster service sector growth, linked to the reopening of the economy from COVID-19 restrictions, helped the manufacturing.

13. Near-term growth prospects look to be skewed to the downside, with new orders inflows falling at an increased rate across the G4 on average in October, and firms' expectations about the year ahead slumping markedly.

14. Today's Crypto Money Flow:


Stable to BTC 8.3B Stable to ETH 4.3M Stable to SOL 296.3M

Rest too small to mention.


Altcoins into USDT 1.1B

Rest too small to mention.

15. Altcoins

All the major Layer 1 and Layer 2 alts are pumping.

Exotic coins mostly are not moving!

This suggests there is still a lot of "fear" in the market.

Some tokens that have produced over 10% gains in last 24 hours include:


16. Conclusion:

The News Home Sales News release is not expected to move the crypto market. Therefore there is no news today.

Bitcoin and the major Altcoins have all seen gains today and moved upwards in the same sort of motion!

Exotic Alts seem to not have moved much!

17. Crypto News

πŸš€ StarkNet wrote ZK-EVM in the programming language Cairo

πŸš€ A scammer under the pseudonym Monkey Drainer stole over 1 million in ETH and NFTs in the past 24 hours

πŸš€ 70 million USDT on the TRON chain transferred from Tether Treasury to Binance

18. (cont)

πŸš€ Hong Kong Monetary Authority will promote the development of the mBridge platform

πŸš€ Safe has integrated the 1INCH limit order trading function

πŸš€ 24-hour volume of ETH futures contracts on Deribit hits 4-month high

19. (cont)

πŸš€ DefiLlamas NFT lending project llamalend completes smart contract deployment

πŸš€ The official Twitter account of NFT project Meebits has been verified

πŸš€ MakerDAO has voted on reorganization proposal The Endgame Plan

20. (cont)

πŸš€ EU May Issue Further Legislation on NFTs.

πŸš€ Central Bank Digital Currency Research Institute Announces Patent for Automotive Hard Wallet

πŸš€ The virtual world transaction volume plummeted 91.61% in the third quarter to 90 million

21. (cont)

πŸš€ The US dollar index DXY fell below the 110 mark, down 0.86% on the day

πŸš€ Premia partners with Lido to launch wstETH options pool on Arbitrum

πŸš€ Hegic completes Hegic Herge protocol upgrade on Arbitrum

22. (cont)

πŸš€ NWT project is an exit scam, with about 120,000 in profit

πŸš€ Seba Bank Launches First NFT Storage Custody Product

πŸš€ Cleanspark Hash rate now exceeds 5 EH/s

πŸš€ OP rose back above 1, up more than 20% in 24 hours

23. (cont)

πŸš€ AI chip company Axelera completes 27 million Series A financing led by Innovation Industries

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Correction to today's Crypto Money Flow:


Stable to BTC 8.3B Stable to ETH 4.3B Stable to SOL 296.3M

Rest too small to mention.


Altcoins into USDT 1.1B

Rest too small to mention.

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