a project at the very beginning of the road. @UnityAlphaNFT

it's already being talked about in dao's... Discord is locked! turn on notifications and follow them and wait in the waiting room. His name will be heard more with his hardworking team. NFT Aptos AptosNFT btc eth

partners and supporters are just as remarkable This may be an indication of how strong the team is. ! You can see the attachment below.

this project gives you one of the most beautiful projects wl It also includes many features such as futures trading suggestions, nft spot trading (calls),

which day and which project has a mint. For example, let's attach the table in the middle of October

Unity Alpha on Twitter

There is also a point system inside. ! As you interact, you earn points. and you can buy wl with these points... It was said that those with the og role will have a separate feature. Since it is a very early project,

there is a high probability of getting wl and og

I leave 1-2 examples below for you. please review.

NFT Aptos AptosNFT btc eth AptosEcosystem AptosNFT AVAX NFTCommunity NFTGiveaways

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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