Decentrader 2 minutes reading from Bitcoin

Headers Up! $BTC Going To The Moon?

Hope everyone has been enjoying the pump.

Quick run through the tools and indicators. First up BTC on Predator:

30m - Red 1h - Orange 2h, 4h, 1d, 3d - Green

Very happy with how the 1 hour Predator has performed on this move up.

Currently grinding up against the Moonraker resistance level, support at 19,250.

Overhead resistance at 22,800.

Worth noting we've barely touched the volatility bands since the June low.

BTC has been equally volatile as GBP !

FOILS is still showing bullish on the 1d and 3d. Lower time frames are all varying degrees of bearish biases.

Is important to note that Long/Short ratio has been almost perfectly inversely correlated with price and could be signalling close to a local top for this move.

Still some way from any more meaningful short liquidations, unlike that mass of long liquidations at 18,000.


Predator and Moonraker available at:

FOILS available for free at: (in-depth charts are included with Standard and higher subs)

Liquidation tool is included with Predator or standalone as part of the Decentrader toolkit

Funding, Open Interest and Long Short Ratios
This post is based on this twitter thread.


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