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Aleo, the World's First Full-stack Development Platform for Private Applications

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@AleoHQ /1 Aleo is still evolving and never ceases to amaze with its own scale. In case you've forgotten, I'll remind you. Aleo is the world's first full-stack development platform for private applications (powered by zero-knowledge) with speed, integrity and scale.

@AleoHQ /2 Today, Aleo community includes not only professionals, but also motivated crypto-entrepreneurs. There are weekly community calls on Aleo Discord server.

@AleoHQ /3 This week, for example, we're looking forward to: Aleo Dev Workshop (Today!) Learn to Code English Club Ambassador Call

@AleoHQ /4 Interesting fact, but community collages are organized not only by the Aleo team, but also by the Ambassador and just active community members. This means that anyone can contribute to the development of the community.

@AleoHQ /5 If we talk about the technical component, not so long ago the Aleo team announced the development of the actual @theLeoWallet, about which I wrote earlier.

@AleoHQ @theLeoWallet /6 Now I also draw your attention to the active phase of the Aleo testnet, which is in full swing. The team is still implementing innovations, so that the final product is of high quality.

@AleoHQ @theLeoWallet /7 Today Aleo is one of the most popular products, even before its release to the masses, which certainly encourages us to follow its development and take part in its formation.

@AleoHQ @theLeoWallet /8 Become a part of Aleo with me.

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