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Daily Bitcoin Price Analysis: Big Moves This Week


Big moves this week with BTC and other major cryptos. It seems as if we foresaw it in our newsletter. Here’s a recap of all the analysis and charts that you may have missed last week.



Low Volatility for BTC

The low volatility for major assets like BTC and ETH suggests a sharp move. As seen with the charts yesterday, BTC and ETH have been moving upwards by 7% and 15%.


BTC Accumulation Trend Score

The accumulation of BTC continues as the price moved sideways from 19,000 to 19,200. Not to mention, the accumulation has been going on for the past few months with the low BTC prices.


The proportion of wealth held in coins that moved in the last 3-months is at an all-time low. On the other hand, wealth held by coins older than 3 months is now at an all-time high. HODL


Four Stages of the Mining Cycle

It seems that with the hash rates hitting an ATH and BTC price continuing to decrease, mining is not as profitable. Hence, it seems like mining equipment may be sold at a discounted price.


VC Funding:

Last but certainly not least, VC funding has been on the rise ever since the lows in August. It does seem like funding is picking up again. Are we out of the woods finally?


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